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18 March 2012 @ 12:24 pm
mix-murder:dare you to scream  


fightstar - deathcar
let's close the door and start the fun i really do hope you're comfortable
i strap you down and choose my tool because first the arms and then the eyes
i'll leave the hands i know you touched her with them you make me fucking sick

aiden - knife blood nightmare
she said live young and leave a wake of beauty that's all i ever could have asked
should have asked from you and i won't forget to write you when i get there soon
cause you'll be lying dead from stab wounds to the neck and chest again

funeral for a friend - the end of nothing
so let's take this knife (take this knife) and run it down your chest
does this feel like love? (feel like love) here we are waiting
so let's take this knife and run it down your chest

anberlin - reclusion
there's someone inside me that softly kills everyone around
they don't know they're dead to me cause intent never makes a sound
all along they found i strangled lovers who've learned from slower hands

cauterize - dare you to scream
something's gotta hold of me doesn't want you to breathe
stands over you and watch you bleed i'll be the last thing you see
go ahead i dare you to scream no one to hear but me

green day - having a blast
i'm taking all you down with me explosives duct taped to my spine
nothings gonna change my mind i won't listen to anyone's last words
there's nothing left for you to say soon you'll be dead anyway

social distortion - 99 to life
lonely weekends baby lonely nights the judge he gave me ninety nine to life
i wish she could be here lord if she only could instead she's layin in a puddle of blood
she was my baby thought she'd be my wife i killed my baby i killed her with my knife

atreyu - ex's and oh's
but it looks so good and it feels so nice i paid the price
i'll cut you out just to hear you scream get away from get away from me
and I can feel my heartbeat racing as i realize what i must do

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